About the Sutherland Knitting Company

The company history

Sutherland Knitting Co was formed in 1975 when Sandy Sutherland, recognising a dying tradition, decided to revive the art of producing made-to-measure, specialised tartan hose before it was lost forever.

Starting from scratch with an ageing workforce many old circular knitting machines (many of which were rescued from old barns and outhouses and sympathetically restored) was no easy task , but Sandy , enjoying a challenge soon had many skilled workers fulfilling orders from all around the globe.

Sutherland Knitting Co has always been connected to keeping Scottish tradition and the local economy alive and prides itself on using Scottish produced quality wool and highly skilled local workers.

Previous customers include:
H R H Prince of Wales
Francies Shand Kydd
South African Military
Fraser Highlanders, Canada
Sir Jackie Stewart.World Champion
Jimmy Shand Junior
Countess of Cawder

If you would like to experience your very own piece of Scottish tradition, see our ordering procedure and list of tartans available.